Dream Home

On a trip downtown, I fell in love with a house. I designed a paper pieced pattern highlighting the beautiful shapes found in the exterior of the home and added my favorite colors.


The home that inspired it all.

Synesthesia: Juicy Fruit

The Provo based art show, Synesthesia: Perceive Together, is all about the marriage of music and art. Each artist is assigned a piece of music and asked to create a piece inspired by the song. I was assigned Mtume’s Juicy Fruit. I collaborated with Audrey Hancock, a local rug tufter to create a dress that embodied the funky energy of the 80’s and more specifically Mtume’s song.

Art Direction and Design: Brittney Porter
Synesthesia Instagram: @synesthesia_perceivetogether
Audrey’s Rug Instagram: @tuftgal
Photos by Cameron Dever @camdever

The Color Clear

I designed and sewed a dress out of clear vinyl for a local photographer’s “Color Series” photos. This was for the color clear.

Photos by Ashley Zibetti (@shleeeeeeeeee)