Rugs by GUR

Built on a foundation of traditional Portugese weaving, Claudia Vilas Boas fuses fun and color into each rug she weaves. Each rug is made in collaboration with an illustrator, meaning they create a wide variety of visual styles.

Winner of a Graphis New Talent Silver Award in 2023.

Some examples of Claudia’s beautiful, colorful work.

Staying true to the square nature of weaving, the logo features only right angles and a “weaving” tail.

An e-blast that serves as a virtual rug while the customer awaits the arrival of their own.

Packaging is kept simple in order to create an exciting and boldy colorful user experience as the customer handles their rug for the first time.

The tag in the bottom right corner is an ownable motif used across different media such as the rugs themselves, emails and even tote bags.

Moerenuma Park

Designed by Japanese American sculptor Isamu Noguchi, Moerenuma Park is 400 acres of biomorphic sculptures and play spaces that inspire and cultivate discovery for both young and old. The brand sets out to encompass the duality in Noguchi’s work and feel both elevated and playful.

Winner of a Graphis New Talent Honorable Mention in 2023.

The logotype is inspired by Noguchi’s sketches and aims to capture the spirit of the play structures found at the part.

Signage includes Japanese, English and a photo to ensure tourists visiting from all over can get where they are trying to go.


Magazine concept created and curated for those that love the process of handmaking clothes that are seeking inspiration and community. Hand written type and off-kilter text alignments reflect the imperfections and inconsistencies that lovingly accompany making your clothing by hand.

Head Tilt is an article about looking for inspiration in places outside of fashion and textiles. 

An article that highlights a different artist each month.

This article explains all the positive things that are associated with needle point and cross-stitch and features the beautiful art work from Diane Meyer.
The type is inspired by gridded cross-stitch patterns.

Rare Bird

Logo, packaging and web redesign for Illinois based preserves company, Rare Bird. 


Packaging and branding concepts for the mission driven sock company. For each pair of socks purchased with Bombas, a pair is donated to someone experiencing homelessness.

Winner of a Graphis New Talent Silver Award in 2022.

Letterforms are inspired by the rounded shapes found in the heel and toe of a sock.

New sock designs that prioritize modern color and pattern.

The letterforms from the logotype are repurposed to create the forms for the sock display hangers.